Breaking News: The NSA is Storing All of Your Emails and Phone Calls

How to Disappear Forever

Take Control of Your Identity & Secure Your Privacy in 10 Easy Steps


Warning! What you are about to read may frighten and enrage you.  My hope is that it inspires you to take action and protect yourself.  

There are certain Big Government and Big Business interests that DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE THIS — READ THIS WHILE YOU CAN.  


The next World War will not be fought in the air, on the ground, or in the sea.

The next great war will be fought in cyberspace.

The Russian and Chinese governments are sponsoring cyber attacks on the US as we speak.  This horrifying map of the attacks shows the US is the #1 target of this government-sponsored terrorism.

This is actual map of cyber attacks occurring.

This is a map of real cyber attacks.

Chinese hackers took down the NYSE, The Wall Street Journal and even all 715 of United Airlines jets and 4917 flights in one fell swoop just this past July.

NYSE WSJ United hack

This was a coordinated attack on critical American assets.

Our #1 enemy, Russia, know they can’t attack us head on so they’re hell bent on disrupting our entire financial system.

Russia attacks more brazen

The Russians know we’re helpless against their cyber attacks.

Russian Hacked White House

Russian hackers even got into the White House private servers.

China Russia Attacks

The US government is helpless to defend itself – or its citizens.

On September 14th 2014, Iran unleashed an unprecedented cyberattack aimed at JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America.  They are in intent on destroying our financial system.

But that’s not the worst part.

The worst part is that the biggest criminal perpetrator of unauthorized surveillance and spying is our US government.

WSJ(2)Big Government just built a $2 billion data storage facility in Utah that will store ALL of your emails, online purchases, Google searches and phone callsAnd they don’t need a warrant.

The FBI just admitted it’s using unmanned spy drones to spy on American citizens.

FBI admits drones spying on us cit

FBI admits its spying in US citizens using drones.

They have bases spread out across the US and are running spy missions every minute of every day.

This map of drone bases shows the extent of their network - and it grows everyday

This map of drone bases shows the extent of their network – and it grows everyday.

Think you’re immune from the Cyber World War?

Don’t be fooled.  These attacks are not just about destroying our government.  These digital terrorists are hell bent on destroying your life too.

North Korean hackers recently stole 21 million law-abiding US citizens’ information.  This included their birth date, social security numbers, current and past addresses, and even their friends’ information.  Just the kind of information you need to destroy your life.


North Korea stole 21 million people's personal information.

North Korea stole 21 million people’s personal information.

They've also stolen fingerprints.

They’ve also stolen fingerprints.

And of course our own government has targeting political enemies that are attempting to hold them accountable for their illegal and unconstitutional activities.

They spy on protestors, especially those representing Conservative groups, with special facial recognition and smart phone hacking devices.

The Feds were recently caught red handed gathering information on Conservative protestors.

The Feds were recently caught red handed gathering information on Conservative protestors.

What do you think Hillary will do if she gets in office?  You think your privacy is a priority for her?


Hillary won’t back down from NSA spying.

Ron Paul said recently:


“The evidence of the totalitarian and authoritarian nature of this government is on display undeniably every day,”

“What’s taking place in the United States right now is a coup, a takeover of a government, and the destruction of the Constitution.”

There are armies of identity thieves targeting you too… 

And is if all that wasn’t enough, identity thieves are using more and more sophisticated methods to steal your information and destroy your life too.

Entire armies of scam artists stole the identity of 11,650,211 Americans just last year alone.

This cost victims $11.4 billion dollars in unrecovered money,  a 13% increase from the year before.

Big Business buys and sells your information dozens of times a day.

In the time that you have been reading this letter, your private financial information has been sold 3X for as little as 2/5  OF A PENNY.

It’s time for you to disappear, become invisible to the hackers, thieves, and even our own government.

Your digital privacy has never been more important – or more in peril – than right now. 

QUESTION: What are you doing right now to protect your privacy and financial information?

Big Government and Big Business are hiding behind the Patriot Act and antiquated laws that make this activity almost entirely legal. You probably know how to ‘bug out’ in the event of a crisis, government upheaval,or terrorist attack…

But do you know how to delete your online footprint, take your identity off the grid, and truly disappear?


You can call me Chris Peterson, but that’s not my real name.  I don’t use my real name online AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU. I’m going to show you how to:

  • take back control of your personal privacy
  • erase your digital footprint
  • and secure your financial information FOREVER

I believe myself to be a very normal, average American.  I love my country, my family, and my freedom. And up until April 9th, 2008,I believed that I was protected from thieves and scam artists. Boy, was I wrong.

I had my identity stolen, TWICE, within the span of two months. 

I lost $20,834 of money that I never saw again.  My financial identity and my credit was ruined.  They even hijacked my email and facebook accounts and humiliated me in front of my friends and family.

Even worse, I lost all faith in my personal privacy and became terrified and paranoid. The worst part is it wasn’t even my fault.

I wasn’t careless with my credit cards.

I didn’t invite these stalkers to take over my life.

It was caused by lax security at businesses and an unconstitutional government overstepping its bounds. But like you, I’m a doer.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit by and get pushed around.  I took my privacy and security into my own hands.

I dedicated the last 5 years to learning everything I could to protecting my privacy and financial information. I spoke to dozens of experts and even some scam artists.  I left no stone unturned in my quest to find an easy solution to my privacy problems.

Enter ‘Bob’ the Privacy Expert

I even spoke at length to a man I’ll call ‘Bob’ who spoke to me on condition of anonymity. Bob was a Washington DC private investigator for 20 years, testified in front of Congress on 8 different occasions on privacy issues and consults to the largest financial institutions in the world on privacy and security issues. And Bob revealed two terrifying and very real secrets in our nearly 6 month correspondence:

  • Secret #1: Big Government and Big Business don’t want you to protect your privacy.  They all make billions of dollars selling and stealing your information.  Why would they ever want your information locked away?

Credit monitoring services like Lifelock cover less than 10% of things you need to do protect yourself.

Banks and credit card companies are at least 10 YEARS behind the scumbag identity thieves. And then Bob revealed to me his most closely guarded secret:

  • Secret #2:  You CAN protect your privacy.  You’ll hear businesses and government tell you all the time: “PRIVACY is DEAD – don’t even try to protect your privacy!” That’s exactly what they want you to believe.  But I am here to tell you that they are DEAD WRONG


Now, I am free of paranoia and fear of scams, government spying and identity theft.


 I can now browse, shop and communicate online without anyone stealing my information or even knowing who I really am. And now, I want to help YOU. I enjoy helping freedom loving, do-it-yourself folks like you.

Remember what it was like when you didn’t have to worry about Big Brother, Big Business, or scumbag internet stalkers? I’m going to help you get back to those days! image (1) Imagine your life free of spying, scammers, and eves dropping. Free of the paranoia and fear that has ravaged our world. In my research I couldn’t believe all the easy ways that you could lock down your identity and take back control of your own privacy.

I found these simple little shortcuts that warned you when someone was trying to steal your information, and allowed you to move about the internet safely AND anonymously.

You can even scrub your name from all of the databases and detective sites that are making millions selling YOUR information.

You don’t need any computer hacking skills, security clearance or internet experience to do this.

image (2)

Anyone with a computer can do this in a single afternoon. There is no computer jargon, no mysterious acronyms, and I use dozens of pictures to show you what I’m talking about.I’ve taught many others how to use the simple steps and techniques in this kit and NONE of them had prior experience.   I reveal all my deepest darkest protection secrets in the brand new and NRA Business Alliance Approved:


image (4)

The Patriot Privacy Kit

You won’t find this information anywhere else. I want to share with you the privacy and security secrets I learned over the last 54 months in an easy to read, step-by-step formula for securing you and your family’s privacy.




Listen to what a couple of  people just like you had to say about this never-before-seen kit:

Here’s what my customers have to say:
“Chris, as a former US Army Sgt, Ca. CHP Officer and currently a Fed Ofcr., I want to thank you for providing this valuable service. I am so fed up with the feds that I am leaving my current post and hopefully disappear. I can see the writing on the wall and if it keeps going the way it has then we can look at another similar Hitler era like regime and abuses. Take care and God Bless you always. NOW I KNOW THE NSA CANT TRACK ME.  4th amendment all the way.
- Your Humble Servant,
Lazarus G. May 12th, 2014
“After reading through most of the materials I would just like to add an endorsement.I have been a NY detective and police officer for 20+ years, a licensed private investigator, and a subject matter expert on evidence collection/foreign weapons/police advisor, in Afghanistan for 2 years. I always consider myself in a learning phase, and what I am yet to learn could fill a book. Here is that book! I am amazed by the subject matter of this text and have already put to practice much of what I have learned. A “must have” for beginners, and for the more experienced in this tradecraft. This is a great text that gives the short-cut to what would take you months or years to learn on your own. It is condensed, easy to understand, easy to execute(posted current and functional links), and surprisingly affordable. Thank you Chris!”
Ed B., New Jersey
“Dear Chris, Everyday I am so thankful that I purchased your kit.   I was scammed by an individual that I knew, or thought I knew, that literally took everything I had.  That was before I found your Privacy Kit.  A very expensive lesson learned.  Please let your readers know that we are often more aware of the “outsiders” than we are to those we know.  It was a rude awakening to me to realize that many of those we know are indeed up to no good also, and they should be as cautious of them as they are others.  I have discussed your Kit several times with my 2 sons, one age 42 and one 32.  You offer a great service and I will ever be grateful to you for the information you give to people.
Valerie B., June 12th, 2014

The best part is that you can start protecting yourself right now – TODAY.  
Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll get in this brand new 10 step kit:
  • Step 1: Secure the Premises. Get rid of spying software, keystroke recorders, and hidden viruses that allow others to steal your information.  PLUS use these two easy methods to completely secure your Wi-fi network so stalkers won’t see your every move.
  • Step 2: Password Protection.  Choosing the right password can protect you from identity theft easier than anything else. But 99% of Americans are choosing and storing passwords the wrong way!  I’ll show you how to pick unbreakable passwords AND safely store your logins so that you don’t have to remember all your new passwords.
  • Step 3: Email Security.  Most people don’t know that it is incredibly easy to spy on your email account and steal your banking and investment information.  Use these easy tips so you can email with total peace of mind.  PLUS I’ll even show you HOW TO PREVENT NSA SPYING FROM YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT RIGHT NOW!
  • Step 4: Using the Internet.  Here’s 13 more key tips for browsing the internet safely and foiling hackers and trackers.  If you shop or buy things on the web YOU HAVE TO READ THIS CHAPTER.  Plus I’ll show you how to erase your Google search history and never worry about who is seeing your Google searches ever again!
  • Step 5: Using Social Media the Right Way. Make sure you and your kids are protecting your private information on the world’s most popular websites.  These sites won’t protect your information. It’s up to you. I’ll show you exactly how to do it, step by step, using the very latest tricks so you can still connect with friends without giving out your personal information to strangers.
  • Step 6: Protecting your Business and Website.  Hackers are trying to destroy your business and hurt your customers.  I’ll show you how to protect yourself against these attacks and recover if it ever happens to you.
  • Step 7: Offline Privacy.  Protect your personal and financial identity with these simple and FREE steps.  THIS IS THE STUFF YOU NEED TO DO EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE LIFELOCK.  Find out if someone is using your social security number, monitor your credit for free, and protect your family history.  You can even lock up your medical records, and use phones securely with these tips.  I’ll even show you how to get your FBI and government files!
  • Step 8: Going Invisible. Covering the Tracks Behind You.  Now this is where we get into the real nitty gritty How to delete what is already out there about you and can be linked to you.  This is how concerned patriots like yourself start to go ‘undercover’.
  • Step 9: Going Invisible.  Cover Your Tracks Going Forward.  This is how you can maintain a presence online anonymously.  Browse, shop, interact, and email online without being tracked or spied on.  THIS IS HOW TO PREVENT NSA’S THUGS FROM READING AND LISTENING TO EVERYTHING YOU SAY!  YOU MUST READ THIS CHAPTER IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE!
  • Step 10: Gain Control of Your Personal Information.  I’ll tell you exactly where to track down your personal information that is being held with online detectives and databases.  And most importantly, how to demand that they STOP SELLING YOUR INFORMATION.  Foil the detectives and stalkers forever with these little tricks you can use in one afternoon. The price of the course is worth this chapter alone.

Now I know you are wondering what I am going to charge for this essential kit, …but I want to think about one thing:

What is your privacy and peace of mind really worth?
  • Is it worth $5000?  That’s far less than you would lose in an identity theft.
  • $500?  Most lawyers, financial advisers, and  accountants charge that much just to have a conversation.
  • $250? A credit monitoring service will charge you more than that – and I’ll show you how to do what they do for FREE.

Think about it: you spend thousands of dollars growing your retirement savings, minimizing your taxesand protecting your assets.

How much are you spending to protect your money from online thieves and spies? I won’t charge anything close to that.  But I want to offer you maximum value.  I want you tell your friends and family about this.  So I am going to throw in a couple free bonuses so that is an absolute NO BRAINER.

I’ll include the 56 page Privacy Insider’s Interview Series for free.


Bonus: Privacy Insider’s Interview Series

In these exclusive interviews, I get down to the dirty details about privacy and scams that are happening right now. The information revealed in this report will absolutely shock you.

  • JJ Luna Interview. If you are really serious about ‘disappearing’, check out my interview with JJ Luna.  JJ wrote the bestselling book ‘How To Be Invisible’ and is an international privacy consultant.  He regularly charges clients thousands of dollars to help them hide themselves and their assets.  Get his exclusive insider tips, FREE, with the Patriot Privacy Kit.
  • Scam Artist Interviews. Next, I interviewed five real live, active scam artists! These foreign ‘financial terrorists’ are praying on the elderly, the young, and victims of natural disasters.  In many cases they are stealing money straight out of their victims’ bank accounts.
  • Professional Hacker Interview. Plus, I spoke to a professional hacker that is targeting older, successful men, by posing as a pretty girl. He’s using your Facebook friends against you to load a virus on your computer to steal and then delete your financial and digital information.Your blood will BOIL when you find out what this evil man is doing to people just like you.
  • Private Investigator Interviews. Finally, I spoke to two successful Private Investigators and found out their top secret shortcuts for tracking people down.  And I got their advice on how to avoid these tricks and keep your information out of the hands of guys just like them.  You don’t want to miss this!
I’ll ALSO include the 29 page Patriot Identity Recovery Guide for free.
image (5)

Bonus: Patriot Identity Recovery guide

A lot of people have already had their identity stolen or been victims of scams and spying.  This free guide will show you how to recover.

  • 29 pages of info to help you if you’ve already been a victim of ID theft or just need help fixing your credit and recovering your identity.
  • Plus I’ll help you fix the lies that Big Business tells you about you on your credit report that are preventing you from living the life you want!
  • Credit repair consultants charge $500 or more for this info and this report has sold for $47 in the past.

And it’s all included FREE with the Patriot Privacy Kit, for a limited time to people like you – independent minded folks that want to take their security into their own hands.

How much are you spending to make sure you are protected from thieves, scam artists and government spying?

Is it worth $5000?  That’s far less than you would lose in an identity theft, and less than I used to charge for ONE 3-HOUR security strategy session with bank or investment firm.

$500?  Most lawyers and accountants charge that much just to have a conversation.

$250? A credit monitoring service will charge you more than that (and I’ll show you how to do what they do on your own for FREE)

Well, how about $47?  Would you take the first step toward protecting your family and erasing your online footprint for just $47?

Ok, for a limited time, just for folks reading this letter, I am going to charge:

Just $27

That’s right, just for those folks reading this letter I am going to offer an introductory price of $27 and then raise it to $97.  And you’ll get the $47 Privacy Insider Interview Series FREE.  That’s $27 for info that has gone for $144 before.

Get Peace of Mind With “The Patriot Privacy Kit” Right Now!

YES, Chris! I want to access “The Patriot Privacy Kit” and the “Privacy Insider Interview Series” right now. Please give me INSTANT access to this step-by-step program right now!

Price Today: $500.00 $250.00 $97.00

Today Only $27!

Your privacy and data are waiting for you to claim them. Just $27 gets you instant digital access so you can start taking back control of your information.

  • Take your identity off the grid
  • Stop government spying
  • Take control of your privacy and financial data!

Here’s what you do to order…Get your MasterCard, American Express or Visa ready and click the orange button below to continue…

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image (6) It’s taken me YEARS to research, gather and put this life-changing information in a format that is easy to understand. Just think you’ll get all that same information, all that hard work, in one easy-to-use book that you can implement in one afternoon.

My Iron-Clad 90-Day, Quadruple Satisfaction Guarantee

I know what you’re thinking ‘WHO WARRANTIES A BOOK?!’  But stay with me here, I made a recent discovery.

I discovered the best way to spread the word and get Americans to start protecting their privacy is for satisfied customers to spread the word about the Patriot Privacy Kit.  So I’m going to quadruple-warranty it to ensure that you’re happy with it (since satisfied folks just like YOU are how I’ve sold over 100,000 copies of this book!)

So, I WILL WARRANTY that this will be most complete, most thorough privacy resource you’ve ever seen.  I left no stone unturned in my quest for true privacy and included EVERYTHING here.

I’ll also WARRANTY that this will be the easiest-to-use privacy book you’ll ever lay your hands on.  I just sent this to my 89-year-old great aunt Eleanor, and she still tells me every time she sees me how useful it was for her.

And I’ll WARRANTY that I have simply THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE YOU’VE EVER ENCOUNTERED.  I get so frustrated that business owners these days don’t seem to show their customers the care and kindness they deserve.  I VOW to be different, and remind of the good old days when people cared about their clients!!

Finally, I’ll WARRANTY that I have the most private and secure ordering system in the world.  Your information will be stored on my encrypted and triple password-protected servers that ARE NOT connected to the internet and are NOT hackable (I actually pay a former hacker A LOT of money to make sure my system is safe!).

If for any reason I fail to deliver on these promises, or if for any reason you’re just plain not happy with the Patriot Privacy Kit, you’ll get 100% of your money back for 90 days, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Just contact me at: Freedom Writers Publishing, PO Box 774000-358, Steamboat Springs, CO  80477, 970-367-7624

I deal with suspicion every day, and I am determined to be the GOOD GUY. I am a man of my word. You were probably brought up to think that meant something, so was I!

Don’t wait long, they could shut me down at any time.

Now, with all the top secret information I am going to divulge in this one-of-a-kind system It’s just a matter of time before the government and big business has me shut down.

They do NOT WANT ordinary folks like you figuring out their back door tricks and will probably have this site shut down! Isn’t your personal privacy and security worth more than it would cost for a meal at a decent restaurant?

It’s time to take your privacy and security into your own hands. With my experience, this easy-to-use book and your independent, do-it-yourself spirit you can do this. After all, no one else is going to do it for you.

Imagine a Paranoia-Free Life

Imagine living free of paranoia about online spies and identity thieves.

Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your information is secured.  Imagine controlling you and your families’ privacy.  No more paranoia, no more fear. And don’t worry, my triple-secured server and credit card system will ensure that your information is completely safe. I never see your actual credit card number, and I will never sell, rent, or lose your personal information.








Chris Peterson, Privacy and Security Advocate

PS: Remember Big Government and Big Business want you to do NOTHING about your privacy. Every day that you DON’T have this kit makes you MORE VULNERABLE. 

  • Find out what they know about you.
  • Erase your digital footprint.
  • Lock up your financial information.

PPS: Even if you don’t want those things…Even if you just want to do more to protect your privacy and securityThis kit can help you do that in just 10 minutes. Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to take those 10 minutes? And do it all now, with these easy to follow steps, in language you can understand.  No jargon, no fancy computer language, no hacking skills necessary.

Click Here to Claim Your Copy of “The Patriot Privacy Kit” for only $27
On the next page you’ll see my triple secured checkout page.

Thanks for tuning in, here’s to your privacy and security…


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