From the Police Blotter

I was browsing the web the other day and ran across this police blotter:


This is a small town in Illinois, and in ONE DAY they had three cases of Identity Theft and Fraud.  Someone emptied a college student’s checking account, somebody bought a car with someone else’s name, and finally someone experienced tax fraud.


Are you convinced this is a problem yet?


Do you understand that this is the #1 crime in America now?


So what do you do?


Well pay attention to these emails for one.  Read my Patriot Privacy Kit.  Shred EVERYTHING that has your name and address on it.  Never give out your social security number (and stop carrying around your social security card!).  Monitor your credit like a hawk.  File your taxes early.


And stay tuned to my newsletters, we’ll help you stay safe.




PS: For those that have experienced ID theft or just bad luck, I found this credit repair guide that I thought was really good. Even if your credit is good now, you better know how to fix it because its just a matter of time before the credit bureaus make a mistake:

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