[Alert] Senate defeats background checks, is that enough?

Chris Peterson here with your Patriot Privacy Alert for this week.


I’m sure you’ve been following all the gun news this week.  As sad as the events in Boston were, part of me couldn’t help but think “I wonder how soon the liberals will use the bodies of the victims as an excuse to grab at our civil liberties?”


Luckily the Senate soundly defeated background checks for gun purchases AND is considering one more that will protect gun owner’s privacy:




The news is always a mixed bag, even when there seems to be good news there is a downside.  That’s why I tend to protect and prepare myself no matter what.


I still believe the day will come when the government will seize some or all of our weapons.  That’s why I like this booklet put out by my friend Joe Campbell.  He’s got a bunch of good stuff over at SurvivalLife.com but this one in particular is the most timely.



Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think.




PS: Joe has a whole library of these affordable and useful guides, you can get the whole lot of them for next to nothing.  Just get the first book and you’ll see a deal for the rest of them for $19.95:

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  1. Diane S Weber
    8 years ago

    good but way to long
    as Lord Reading said “always be shorter than anyone DARED to hope”
    good luck
    and don’t disappoint me???!!!

  2. Bill
    6 years ago

    Great, so since I’m a drug dealer and psychopath, I will still be able to get all the guns I need!

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