Simple little things

simple little things


You know we talk a lot about disasters and being prepared.  Some of them would affect people on the
coastlines, others in major urban centers.  But the reality is that there is just ONE disaster that would affect everyone, no matter where you live or what your income is.


A food crisis.


A crisis is closer than you think, and it could take many different forms.  Food borne illness, skyrocketing prices, drought, terrorist attacks – all things that have happened in recent years and could really knock out our food supply in short order.  You combine a couple of those disasters together and we’re all in a heap of trouble.


That’s why personally I think you should get this:


It’s an easy, and affordable, guide to what you need to be prepared for, what to store up, and other simple little tricks for preparing you and your family for a large-scale food disaster.


Keeping you safe…


Chris Peterson, Privacy Guy


PS: I think you should at least look at it, even if you don’t think you’ll need it.  There are some things in here I never would have thought of here, and one big surprise at the end:

Click here–>



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