Interview with Edward Snowden, NSA Whistle Blower

Is this man a hero?  And enemy of the state?  Decide for yourself:

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  1. Johannes
    9 years ago

    I knew this stuff was going on in the Bush Administration, through the unconstitutional use of the Patriot Act. I was just naive enough to think that Obama would keep his promise of a transparency government. The more I learn about the government the more upset I am. I love my country and I want it to do right to Americans and the world as well. However, in my life time I am seeing more and more criminal acts by those in charge than one can believe. It almost leads you to believe everyone in office is corrupt. SO is this guy a hero, I can’t say, but I believe he did the right thing we as Americans have to know the truth or change will never occur. As it stands now we have to be more afraid of the government than the bad guys cuz the government is becoming worse than the bad guys

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