Internet Soldier Love Scam Costs Woman $750,000

Chris Peterson here with your Patriot Privacy Alerts for the week, there are some doozies.  There are so many I am going to list them here:

·      Hard to believe someone would exploit our soldier’s good name to perpetrate a scam, but that’s  exactly what someone is doing in Oregon and it cost one woman $750,000!

·      In another case of the Feds using the constitution as their own wet wipe, the IRS thinks it can spy on your emails now:

·      I’m not a big fan of Hollywood, but this new movie seems to touch on a lot of the things we talk about here:

·      Here is a free full length movie that definitely talks about the issues we cover here:

·      CISPA, the zombie privacy-killing law that will never die, is back:

Also, I have been overwhelmed with the amount of people buying my book over the last week.  First of all THANK YOU.  I would love to hear from you, what you think of the book good or bad.  I am trying to make it the premier privacy resource in the world and you can help make it so.

Just reply to this email with any of your thoughts on the book, the videos, or the even the emails I send.  Your comments will be kept private and will serve to let me know how I am doing as a teacher and privacy advocate.

Thanks for being here

Chris Peterson


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