Government trampling on reporters rights, why not yours?

Here’s what I’ve been reading about lately:

  • The Blaze had a neat article on spy devices.  I have never spied on anyone myself but I’ve been tempted.  Mostly I like to see what these things are so I can identify them when I see them:
  • Here’s a nice writeup on what the government SHOULD be doing about this reporter spying that’s been revealed:
  • Here’s a stern reminder of ways the government is already spying on you:
  • This story sort of snuck under the radar over the last week.   Obama is saying he detests the IRS and reporter spying scandals with one side of his mouth, and backing things like this with the other:
  • The reality is that even with our corrupt government overstepping its bounds, the most likely people to spy on you are your neighbors.  Here are some nice ideas that tie in with spring time planting for keeping those nosy people out:,,20190209,00.html


We were overwhelmed with orders this week, and we’d like to welcome all the new people to our business.  We’re here to help protect you.  We’d also love to hear your thoughts on the privacy kit and everything that went with it.  Just reply to this email when you get a chance.  Hopefully your experience is like Clarence’s, who wrote me yesterday:


“I am having a lot of success at removing things from the internet and various other things included in your book. I am very pleased with the shear amount of help this book has provided.“


That’s all for this weekend, enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Chris Peterson, Privacy advocate

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