Feds Caught Red Handed Spying on YOU

Wanted you see more proof that the feds are spying on you on a daily basis:




A lot of people don’t believe that the government is storing their personal and financial information.  But it’s a fact: soon every single email and phone call you make will be stored in a government storage facility.


What can you do about it?  Well you can take your communications ‘off the grid’ as we talk about in the Patriot Privacy Kit.  Use encrypted emails, IP disguisers, and TOR browser if you are conducting sensitive communications.  Better yet, keep your sensitive communications off of electronic devises period.


As always, Chris Peterson


PS: I have begun to train myself in self-defense techniques, and I found a pretty cool system to do that.  Krav Maga is the system developed by Israeli commandos to disarm and disable attackers.  Its easy to learn, incredibly powerful, and honestly pretty fun.  Check it out here: http://SelfDefenseKravMaga.com

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