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There are so many issues, ideas and solutions I want to bring to your attention.


Let’s get started with a brand new resource for folks who want to send encrypted email. Best of all, the service is free.


The service is called Tutanota and here’s how they describe their free email encryption service:


Take back your privacy! With our secure webmail service you can send encrypted emails very easily. The innovative solution allows you to reach everybody tap-proof. With the automated encryption it becomes fun to send secure emails! Of course you can also send and receive non-encrypted messages.”


Here’s part of what the respected website eSecurity Planet had to say about Tutanota:


The German encrypted email provider Tutao, which was launched in 2012 in response to Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding NSA surveillance, last week announced the availability of its Tutanota Free email service. …


Company co-founder Arne Moehle said in a statement [PDF] that the service promises total data privacy. ‘All user data is encrypted locally on the user’s device before being transmitted to our German-based servers,’ he said. ‘The data cannot be accessed by anybody. Not even we have access.’”


From what I’ve seen so far, Tutanota is the real deal. So, give it a try and let me know what you think!


Also, I want to share an article link with you today because it is loaded with free resources.


The article, “Digital Independence Day: Your guide to DIY, open-source, anonymous free computing,” is worth reviewing for information and resources that you may find helpful. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not going to keep the prying eyes of the NSA away. But, it does contain some useful information that I thought you might be able to put to good use. Personally, I use articles like this as a benchmark to see how what I’m doing stacks up against what the author suggests. So, in that vein, take a look.


 Yours in privacy, Chris Peterson


PS: We cover this subject and much much more (including how to make your home and life completely self-sufficient) in our exclusive club right here.

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  1. wanda
    3 years ago

    I do use DuckDuckgo as my home page.

  2. Bruce Stewart
    2 years ago

    Who is running this country seems to be a huge mystery. it is all directed at fear and chaos. do not loose your head in this quagmire of falsehoods and fear mongering. surround yourself in the light and love of your personal lord , Do not listen to the babble.

  3. Ken Johnson
    2 years ago

    Good day. I just read your article about Tutanota and am curious however, my questions is does the person I’m sending an email to need a decryption service in order to read it. I visited the Tutanota website but could not find any info o=in that. Pleas advice.
    Thanks and enjoy your day
    Ken Johnson

  4. Carol Morris
    1 year ago

    I was quite excited when I received Chris email, I have been hacked between 2012 and 2014, from all over the World, it nearly sent me insane. So I am ready to get started.

    Thank you
    Carol Morris

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